Articles and Books

This is a list of books, articles, and newsletters on ALL TYPES of tipi information.  It ranges from how to build a tipi, what goes in one, contemporary issues, historical material and anything else I can find.  If there is other information out there, let me know.   We can always update the site.  

One of the most comprehensive and extensive books on the history of the Indian cloth tipi since the Laubin 1957 book on tipis.  The most complete instructions on making a tipi from a 10 foot to 26 foot tipi are shown in detail drawings on the liner, cover and doors. Also shown are the plans for making your own interior rain cover.  How the cloth tipi has changed in style, construction, and set up over the last 150 years.  Complete lists on tipi manufacturers around the world, canvas suppliers, extensive bibliography, and how some today’s’ tipi makers have made their own improvements on material and style.

This is the encyclopedia of tipis-tepees-teepees.

You can get it from or from me.  From me you get a signed book with a few little corrections for $18.00 which will include shipping. Email me at .  And, there is a special extra CD which has all the original drawings/photos in full color as they should have appeared and in large formant JPG, pictures that were left out, and written material not in book. $20.00 extra.