Beaded Covers

Beaded covers includes the Cheyenne, Kiowa, Sioux, Crow and Shoshone, for the most part.  Rosettes, Trails up the back (not ladders) , doors and special rosettes on the front door area are included.  Those doing this type of beadwork should look into the history of the Cheyenne Women's craft/beading or Quilling group before doing this type of decoration.  All of it has meaning and should not be done without knowing why/what these designs mean.


These areas are usually called "Trails" and not ladders up the back of the tipi.

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Susan Minor


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Joe Ong tipi/Holley

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Cheyenne Sundance


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Four Winds Trading Co.


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Southern Cheyenne12'-1895?

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Don Brown/Holley

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Peter Durkin/Wood




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Arapaho camp-Curtis

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Tim Deane-Spring Valley



These panels are located at the back to of the lodge cover or where the tie point is located.

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Arapaho/Cheyenne beaded top made into a bag.




*National Museum of the American Indian