Contemporary Contest

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Each area is scored on a 0–25 point system. More than one point can be given if any special areas or materials are displayed.

I. Contemporary Guidelines

All tipis that do not fit into the other areas can go into this one. Any modern mate­rials, such as chairs, tables, ice boxes, modern lamps, and beds can be used in the tipi. The tipi is set up to live in for the weekend or the week, not to show tradi­tional materials. Safety, livability, and neatness are the primary concerns.

Tipi Setup:

______1. Orderliness of rack three pole/four pole. Poles wrapped four times, with rope going down to a peg behind the fireplace for safety.

______2. Tightness of cover wrinkles and evenness to ground. Usually above ground about 3 to 6 inches or more. Can see liner underneath cover from the outside.

______3. Position of smoke flaps. Are smoke-flap poles uniform in back?

 ______4. Pegs pounded in at angle or straight. Can be carved, painted, or decorated in some manner. 

______5. Lacing pins are neat and orderly. Can be decorated (painted, quilled, or beaded).

______6. Streamers or some type of decorations on top of poles.

______7. Inside is neat and clean.

______8. Lining is up and neatly positioned.

______9. Outside area is neat and clean.

______10. Shade canopies are neatly maintained. There is no trash in area.

 _____11. If there is one, fireplace is neat and ready to start.

_____12. Tipi is set up for weather conditions (closed up for rain, sides up for heat, and so on).

_____13. Smoke flaps are set for wind directions.

_____14. Door is rolled up and out of the way for easy entrance.

_____15. Bottom pins are pulled from door area for easy entry and exit as per weather conditions.

_____16. Overall, tipi is neat and clean.

Special instructions for the head judge(s) or notes to convey, if any:___________________________________________________________________
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