Contemporary Traditional Guidelines


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Each area is scored on a 0–25 point system. More than one point can be given if any special areas or materials are displayed.

II. Contemporary Traditional Guidelines Tipi Setup:

______1. Orderliness of rack three pole/four pole. Poles wrapped four times, with rope going down to a peg behind the fireplace for safety.

______2. Tightness of cover wrinkles and evenness to ground. Usually above ground about 3 to 6 inches or more. Can see liner underneath

                    cover from the outside.

______3. Position of smoke flaps. Are smoke-flap poles uniform in back?

_______4. Pegs pounded in at angle or straight. Can be carved, painted, or decorated in some manner.  

______5. Lacing pins are neat and orderly. Can be decorated (painted, quilled, or beaded).

______6. Fitted lining of some type (plain, beaded, or painted).

______7. Front door pole(s) out front for smoke flaps.

______8. Streamers or some type of “flags” on poles (cloth, hair locks, feathers, and colorful yarns).

______9. Door painted, beaded, or made of rawhide or other material.

______10. Two to three sets of backrests with buffalo robes and blankets.

_____11. Optional tripod for men’s items or medicine bundles.

_____12. Rawhide parfleche, boxes, and small/big trunks.

_____13. Decorated items hanging inside the tipi and/or around the outside for display.

_____14. Fire pit to fit the size of the tipi, with rocks around the perimeter.

______15. Optional altar behind the fire pit or close to the lining area, either on the ground or hanging from the poles.

_____16. Overall, tipi is neat and clean.

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