Painted Covers



       The examples shown on these pages are traditional and contemporary interpretations of tipi cover designs.  It is not recommended that you copy any of these covers as they are owned by family or the individual owner and passed down through the family or the rights have been transferred to a new owner.  Examples of tipi cover designs a43 not really for copy.  If you choose to paint your cover, it is highly recommended that you do your research before putting on the first paint stroke.  Once you start painting there is NO going back. 
      Canvas, linen or cloth covers for tipis started becoming popular among the Native Americans around 1851.  According to Kurz's  1851 journal, more of the wealthy men were already getting canvas for their lodges.  Treaty annuity payments in the late 1850s and 1860s, also were accompanied by lots of canvas bed ticking an other fabrics.  As the 19th. century wore on, the covers got bigger.  More bolder surface designs were applied with the new industrial paints and dyes that did not wash off or fade.  Looking at old photos of Blackfoot tipis, drawings of the Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Sioux depicts spectacular cover paintings in their sketch books.  

      The pictures on this page are of Powwows, Encampments, Rendezvous and any camp that has painted tipis.  This includes some European set ups.  These people have a love of the tipi and wish to reproduce the time period of the Plains Indian.  Others just like to go camping.  As pictures come in, I will up date them by adding more and changing others. If  you recognize your tipi, let me know.  My pictures cover a time period of 1970 to 2000 and come from the old NAPR to today's NMLRA, National Powwow, Crow Fair,  Powwows and many more groups over the years.  

      Words in Italics are the makers of the tipis and not necessarily the owners.

Designs on Covers

This area will cover Painted Cover Designs.  


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c43.jpg (48756 bytes)


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Holley-Holley 17'-Fla.


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Awning Canvas c.1910 Nez Perce 10'

Four Winds Trading Co.


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c9.jpg (34929 bytes)

18' Holley-Idaho

cdw.JPG (35974 bytes)

Awning Canvas     Wood-Wood 17'-North Carolina


chly.jpg (70665 bytes)

Holley-Holley 15'-Fla.

c31.jpg (61715 bytes)


c8.jpg (31736 bytes)

custer2.jpg (35508 bytes)

Custer Trading Post    Montana

c39.jpg (44233 bytes)

Rick Peterson  17'              Wood -North Carolina

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d.horset.jpg (129642 bytes)


c7.JPG (44531 bytes)

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c3.JPG (44917 bytes)

c54.jpg (42146 bytes)

Steve Jarrard 21' -Georgia-Spring Valley lodges-


c55.jpg (31215 bytes)

c6.JPG (40391 bytes)

c36.jpg (27691 bytes)

Bill Walters-4Seasons lodge  Michigan


Img02.jpg (44242 bytes) 

Carl  Miller-Mo.

Garry Winders/Warren Blitter- Mo.

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c4.JPG (39435 bytes)



c21a.jpg (25035 bytes)

Holley-Holley 12'-Fla.

c2b.jpg (23117 bytes)

c51.jpg (92245 bytes)

Kim Henry 19'-Fla.

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