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March Last Weedend: 2011


The dance will have $200.00 each for the three best tipis with $25.00 for gas money to each tipi owner.  Bring your tipi for a good time and a great tipi competition.  Tipis can come in on Thursday to set up....hope to see many of you there.




Tipi site photos for 2008

16 teen tipis and three top winners

Largest amount of tipis in 0ver 10 or more years...Thanks for coming to the camp.  A wonderful thank you to Steve Gagne for his help in getting "things" done for me...the FIHA committee that made sure I was "happy" all the time including the Paramedic who came to my aid, and all those who braved the heat to set up their tipis and the McGrath family that brought three lodges.

Winners of $200.00 each:

Jim "Bear" Ares of Prot St. Lucie, Fl

Tony Cox of Palm Bay, Fl

David Helms of Port St. Lucie, Fl


Wayne Moon, Sid Dingman, and Tony Cox tipi.

Tony Cox's tipi with stars.



My little 12' tipi

Hey...I bring a small camp and many chairs....actually two are mine...anyone missing chairs?








Back of Sid Dingmans lodge

Sand Hill Crane...Oscar





Front of Sid Dingmans lodge

Oscar eats out of the 6 Inch bill on this guy.

Jim Ares tipi and outside cover decorations

Interior of Jim Ares tipi.

Steve Gagne's Lodge and front




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