Keeping the Lodge Warm


 There are several ways to heat your lodge.  Which ever way you choose....SAFETY FIRST

The first and main way is to use wood with rocks surrounding it.  The fire area should be placed center and towards the front...and make it a bit smaller that you thought.  Small fires were the norm for old style tipi camping....conserve fuel.

  1. Clear the area where the fire will rest.
  2. Put sand or hard pack the dirt.
  3. Place rocks around the fire to help retain the heat and keep the fire contained.
  4. Do not make your fire area too deep as it will reflect the heat upward with a loss of warmth. 
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher in touch for emergencies.
  6. Choose wood that will not pop or explode...hard woods are the best...seasoned wood is great.
  7. Stay away from wax logs.
  8. Most cooking is done outside the you want to fry up eggs/bacon in your bedroom?  Can warm up a nice brew in the morning to take the chill off.


Big fire irons and all that goes with it is nice...but takes up room





Many campgrounds require a "fire pan" or some type of container to keep the fire off the ground.  This can be done with some rocks, fire bricks or metal uprights holding the pan a required height from the grass.  Old garbage can lids, wok pans, or any metal container will work.


This is a group of pictures from Sweden showing an interior fire place set up using outside stove pipe and special grill work inside.







Stoves with pipes can work in a tipi for long term winter camping. 



First Portable Gas Logs Campfire...No wood-No smoke-No sparks-No changing the Smoke Flaps and no having to get up on a COLD morning to start the fire.   Just turn it on.  Great for use inside tipis.  It can keep you warm on many cold nights as well as not  having to get up in the middle of the night to put a log on the fire.  All the looks and comfort of a log fire without the smoke and sparks.  Safe for most areas where ground or open fires are not allowed.  No more fire pans or empting the ashes.  Just put the lid back on and you can take it anywhere.

Works with the smoke flaps closed for rain on those really cold nights you want to keep in the warmth.  Does take the chill off and works even better with a properly stationed Rain cover above the lining. can cook on the fire.  Have a nice pot of hot water in the morning for that first cup of coffee or chocolate.  Put rocks around the fire pan to hide the bowl.  Will not burn the ground or scorch hides that may get close to the pan area.  But please keep safety first and never leave any fire unattended.  Turn off when not in use.    Contact


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