Individual Tipis

 Or I may have to change the name of this page to cold weather camping.  Send me pictures of your tipis and/or camps and                                                         I will try to post them here with information.

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 Louis Jones...owner


      17' Holley lodges


       February camp


      17degree temp.


        top tie point


Tipi_di_Romi_in_costruzione_No2.jpg (66702 bytes)

Look at the top of this lodge from Switzerland-can you do this with your lodge.


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Swiss 25'?The one he is standing ON or In.



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Baker in fog-Arizona


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Mike Morrison



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Preston and Carolyn Four Winds Trading Co.


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Bill Holm-1949


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Bill Holm-1949 this is the next day


river_tipi_camp3.jpg (42836 bytes)

River tipi camp-Oahe Lake

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Oahe Lake


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two poles hold this tipi up


Sports Tipi "Nakota"

friendship2000meand mylodge.jpg (84428 bytes)

Friendship 2000

spirit4.jpg (109377 bytes)  

Spirit Wolf

Clear vinyl for one of the back panels..BC, Canada. Labis Moon Tipi Makers



Now this is COLD




On a platform



Brush Arbor



Brush Arbor around a tipi site





Reese Tipis out door shots of tipis

Brush Arbor



Dean Larson 17.5'  tipi in Jasper, Colorado...Reese tipis

30' by TipiRob


Wood Tipi


Jeff's Tipi

Jeff's interior

Jeff (Nighthawk)

Holland via Africa