Lodge Owners-Disney World

39th. Anniversary Will be Nov. 2010

Jack and Karen Butler

P.O. Box 2536

Blairsville, Georgia     30514

Print them out and send them in.  Please read ALL information as some things have changed.


Deadline  October 3, 2010

Sun 11/21 at 1:00pm to Sunday 11/28..be out by 1:00pm.  It is $11.25 per Person per day made out to Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts-Group Camping.   And $5.00 per person for the Turkey and cooks and materials to cook the cooks and turkey due by Nov. 1st.  This check is made out to Jack Butler.  There is $50.00 per bundle for fire wood if needed…..or bring your own.  Remember…no ground fires…must bring something to burn off the ground.  Those checks are also made out to Jack Butler so he can send the wood requirements to Disney. 

No ground fires are permitted...bring a metal trash can lid and three bricks/stone to set it on to build your tipi fire.

White Canvas tarps and wood poles are requested. 

         Started by originally by John Niedenthal of South Florida, Thanksgiving Lodge Owners  Rendezvous has been going on for over 38 years for family and friends.  This is the time when all types of tipi owners gather for one large encampment. The only requirement is that you have a tipi.  Other than family and friends, this campout is not open to the public.  This event started out in a place called Fish Eating Creek located in central Florida.  Later moved to Disney World some years ago after the Disney complex opened up a primitive camping area.  

        The Butlers invite anyone with a tipi to share in the largest sit down Thanksgiving  family event in the South East. On one occasion over 200 people sat down to 25 turkeys and who knows how many pumpkin pies, dressing, baked potatoes and desserts which we cook on the sight.


John Niedenthal

Jack Butler

Transportation cards

Turkey cooks


           Disney digs the hole for the turkeys and our "Cooking Crew" does the rest. The pit is lined with layers of aluminum foil, then several bags of charcoal are fired up for the baking of the turkeys.  While the "pit" is being completed, turkeys are cleaned and prepared.  Each one is placed in its own pan and covered in foil and then placed in the pit with the hot coals. The top of the pit is covered in large sheets of corrugated aluminum.  Looks a bit like a Hawaiian luau. After several hours and charcoal changes, the turkeys are removed.  Diner call goes out and everyone brings the rest of the fixings.  



Turkey Smiles

          Sometimes to the tunes of bag pipes, a prayer is said and John leads all in a moment of silence.  Then we eat.  Lots of food and lots of good times.  After diner, most just sit around to enjoy leftovers or each others company.  Since we are in the Disney complex, the "Worlds" are open to us to enjoy.  Camping is from a Sunday to a Sunday.  This can give a family           plenty of time to see the sights or just spend your time enjoying your tipi.  





Time for dinner





          It is a lovely sight to see tipi poles tower above the Disney property.  Tourists are not allowed to visit the site unless     invited.   Because the space is limited, so are the numbers of tipis.  Invitations are sent out in August and must be in                 before the first week of October.