Outside Campsite

This will include the area around the tipi such as tri-pods, horse gear, fire area and any family setting.

staffoside.jpg (125382 bytes)

 awning.jpg (53035 bytes)

Awning attached to tipi. Joe Hiene 16'/Holley


 awning1.jpg (39385 bytes)

Inside setup of pole for awning.

 cupside.jpg (36813 bytes)

Tipi cover set up high for hot weather.

Holley 18'/Wood


 c.upbotside.jpg (45214 bytes)

Cover rolled up and held with sticks.  Lining is taken down or panels of lining removed to let air circulate.

images/Gary Winders' saddle rack.JPG

Gary Winder's saddle rack


images/Gary Winders' weapons  back.JPG

Gary Winder's Weapons Rack


images/Gary Winders' weapons front.JPG

Gary Winder's Weapons Rack-Back


Ken  Weidner's Saddle Racks


Roy Martin's Weapons Rack

Roy Martin's Weapons Rack

 This first picture is of Ken Weidner's horse gear. It shows a rack, to the left, with beaded saddle blanket, and beaded double bags,
 a painted robe, and woman's saddle. Notice the horn cup hanging from the saddle. The set up on the right is a travois with a Cheyenne dome. There is a painted buffalo robe covering the dome. The travois poles have a couple of saddles on them. At the left side of the picture, a tripod is holding up the travois. On the tripod,there is a painted horse mask, quirt, braided rawhide rope, German silver headstall, and a set of twisted hobbles.