Rain Caps 

these are also called Ozans which is a term coined by the Laubins used to describe this cover in the late 1950s taken from the Sioux definition of liner. 

The Ozan is the liner

The pictures on this page are different ways of keeping the rain or other elements out of your lodge.  Some maybe "authentic" or some can be the owners interpretation of historic materials or....it is just a great way to keep the weather out.

Ben Hunt rendition of a Rain Cap

Rain caps were first introduced by Seton who started the Boy Scouts of America.  They were suggested by a couple of anthropologist who saw "Bull Boats" being put over the smoke holes of earth lodges.  So far, no recorded rain caps have been seen in photos, drawings or writings about tipis.

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Plastic covers over smoke flaps and poles.









English Rain caps





Arrow tipis


Interior Rain Covers help to keep the water out and the warmth of a fire in with proper safety.  SMALL FIRES


Two rain covers can be used with a space in between to let the smoke and air rise.

Homemade cover for the inside of a 12' tipi made from Sunbrella awning or pillow material and strung up quickly with marbles and 1/8 inch. ties.


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Rain cover above lining-Holley18'

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tailored-rain cover by Wood

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Panther Primitive from Mountain light


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