Roof, Add-ons and Trailers

There are many types of cars, trucks and vans that can carry poles.  Each one has its own unique problems.  There is no way we can go into solving your individual problems.  These pictures are here to help you see how others have decided to creatively work on theirs.  It takes time to down load these pictures, but if you click on each photo you may find a solution to your tipi pole problems.

And.....we are not responsible for any damages or accidents you may have trying any of these ideas.  You are on your own  in coming up with the new and super way of carrying poles.



Frank Humpal mini coop for the gas conscious with his 12' Cree tipi.


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Mike Terry with 7 sets of poles and horse+dogs

1936 Ford with poles.


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Walter Mills











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Spirit Wolf


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Arrow Tipis Australia

These poles are joined and then set up.




Arrow Tipis Australia






  20' tipi, along with the 27' poles on 1993  Saturn wagon by Dan Velazquez








ARLEKA Tipis from Switzerland ......over 30 feet long or 30 meters...that is some rack!