Russian Tipis

I was getting so much good information on a new area of tipis, that I decided to give them their own page.


Sankt -Petersburg

Photos by  Dmitriy









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 I am printing this letter because of the enthusiasm and deep regard from this part of the world for the Native culture and it is good to see how other groups get started.....anywhere in the world.  If you would like to contact the


Dear Linda !
Such good relation and understanding, which you have given to us and our
work, seldom will meet in the Internet today.
Large to you a thank for it. All my friends very much happy , because we
have found understanding and support.
We are engaged with Art and Culture Lakota and Cheyeney many years, so
long from times the Soviet Union. Then all doit was more difficultly. We
on grains collected a material and information. I was studied at school,
but a lot of time carried out in two places, - library and in a forest. We
tried to not be limited to the books, but to make something in practice, to
receive real experience.
Ours tipi,our old tipi, - one of very first, which were made in Russia. It
s made by our older brothers per 1975-1979 20 centuries. We lived in much to
it, it became simply Sacred for us. We smoked in it Pipes and were
prayedmany times. New tipi we have sewed recently, because our Club and our
families have grown, it was necessary more place. Children requirethe
special care, as well as our parents, which sometimes also will carry out
with us time in tipi. We have not only photo materials, but also vidio,
where ours is shown traditional indian life. We, - one of oldest indian of
groups in Russia.
Some words about itself. I am 29, my jobe, - journalist TV, not the
reporter, - I the director TV of the programs at Studio of Academy of a
State Service in Ekaterinburg. It is such University, where teach jurists,
management and much another. I have son, him 9 years. Him call ξΙΛΙΤΑ.
In those photos, that we sent you, - you can see of two girl in mine ΤΙΠΙ,
is my wife and sister. Their dresses make they self, I too helped them in
I send you some more photo with POW-WOW 2001, where there are our works
and our group.It for you enjoy.......
Absolutely soon sent more photo, - with POW-WOW 2002, - they brighter also
reflect today of our group. For example, - vest to sew beeds, which we have
made with my wife this year, - is recognized by best in Russia at assembly
all Indian Clubs on POW-WOW. I very much am proud of it, in beeded vest a
lot of work and love is enclosed. It is made in tradition Lakota .
Thank to you for your support and understanding. A thank for display of our
photos on yours peges! It is cool !
Today has received the letter from a Bob, which you have given our address.
A huge thank, we shall communicate.
Huge thank to you.
Sorry, that has taken so a lot of your attention.
I hope, our dialogue to proceed.
All kind!