Supplemental Tipi Contest Sheet (when not using the previous guidelines)


Tipi owners do not have to have the items listed in each category. These are only some of the suggested items they might have in their lodges. This is to jog the judges’ memory or add to it.

Registration Number# _____

Name of Owner:_________________

Style of Tipi/Camp:___________

Each area is scored on a 0–10 point system.

I. Tipi Setup (most important of the 4 categories)

______1. Orderliness of rack three pole/four pole.

_______2. Tightness of cover wrinkles and evenness of ground. ______3. Position of smoke flaps and smoke-flap poles.

______4. Pegs.

______5. Lacing pins.

_______6. Lining of some type can be up or down for summer or anytime. ______7. Optional: front door pole(s) for smoke flaps.


Sections II-IV are optional. If they display any of the materials, then they should be given points. If none of these items are shown, then no points should be given. These areas should be judged based on tribe, guild, society, time period, and group portrayed.

II.  Outside Decoration of Tipi

______1. Pole tips—streamers, dangles, hair locks, and so on.

______2. Other decorations (beaded, painted, or plain). Does decoration fit tribal style/time period?

______3. Peg and lacing-pin decorations.

______ 4. Door decorations (painted, beaded, plain, blanket, fur). Points______

III. Outside Encampment Area of Tipi

______1. Medicine bundles or tripods, weapons tripods, or holders. ______2. Horse gear.

______3. General outside living look—fire pit for cooking, cooking gear, robes or blankets on ground, shade canopies.



IV. Interior Decorations

______1. Backrests (carved or painted tripods), robes, blankets, beds and pillows. 

  ______2. Rawhide parfleche, boxes, small trunks.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

______3. Fire holes (these can be just rocks around grass or cedar shavings/sage). 

 ______4. Altars are individual preference.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

______5. Beaded articles, bags, clothing, blanket strips, and so on.

______6. Linings—painted or decorated—pole or rope lining.

______7. Women’s tools, men’s weapons (these could be outside for use).

______8. Children’s toys, baby carriers, and so on.

______9. Overall impression? Neat or overdone?

Points______ Total Points______