+Tipi Makers USA+

The list of tipis makers is an on going and changing page.  If you know of others, please send the page or address.  Most of the makers are located in the United States with a few in Australia, Canada, England, Switzerland, South Africa and Scotland.  This list is for your convenience and we are not responsible for any problems that may occur between a tipi buyer and seller. This list is not by any particular order, quality or price.  Many of these makers I know personally or over the phone in LONG conversations.  Others I have not seen or know of any examples of their products except by their adds.  My recommendation is to call, write or visit the tipi maker of your choice.  And the best thing, ask other tipi owners what they like or dislike about their lodges.

With the economy as it is...there are tipi makers going under. Check to see if they are in business before buying. 

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Email: tipisholley@yahoo.com