Trailers Used for Transporting Poles

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 Ways to solve "How to carry my poles".

There are many types of cars, trucks and vans that can carry poles.  Each one has its own unique problems.  There is no way we can go into solving your individual problems.  These pictures are here to help you see how others have decided to creatively work on theirs.  It takes time to down load these pictures, but if you click on each photo you may find a solution to your tipi pole problems. MAYBE!

And.....we are not responsible for any damages or accidents you may have trying any of these ideas.  You are on your own  in coming up with the new and super way of carrying poles.

Send me the photos if you come up with one.

Again, it is a good idea to check the state laws for safety measures that maybe required.

This will include Flags, length over the front or back of vehicle and any extra lights you may have to attach.  For trailers, make sure you check your load weight and hitting the back of your car or truck.  Have seen poles crash into the backs of cars because of too tight a turn or hitting a ditch that pitches the trailer and vehicle into a "V" shape.  The poles pitch forward at an angle going into the top of the car or into the back window of a SUV.


Could not resist putting this in. A Moose????


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Mike Terry with 7 sets of poles and horse+dogs

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Walter Mills













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