This page shows pictures and written information on the transportation of poles.  Almost everyone has an idea on how to bring their poles with them.  This is only of few of the ways others are hauling.  Hope it helps solve the problems or gives you new ideas.  If you have a better way, please send a picture and information. Would be glad to put it on this site.  There was one gentleman who put tipi poles on top of his 1969 VW.  Wish we had pictures to show, but I can only report that it was a sight.  Looked like a dead beetle ready to roll over and die with 24' poles on top.  Or, how many people does it take to move a Volts Wagon picking it up only by the poles.  Next question, in what states is it not legal to do this because you stick out to far in front or back.  

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State Laws

It is a very good idea to check with your own state to find out the limitations of carrying  tipi poles on the top of your vehicle or trailer.   Each state has a different length that can hang out in front of the vehicle bumper and out the back.  You should also look into adding on some type of lights to the poles hanging out back.  Many states require red flags of a square footage and/or lights.  Check to see if you are even allowed on interstates or toll roads.  As we get more information on state laws, they will be added to this site.  Please send information for your area of the country if there are any little problems a tipi owner might face.  One year we had a person cut his poles 3 feet to get on some roads in New Mexico.  Another time they had to drive regular state roads because they were not allowed on the interstate unless they cut them 6 feet.   We all, have too much time and effort, if not money, involved in our tipi poles  to mutilate, help us all out and send me a line.  Also any good stories of poles and cops.

Types of Vehicles

Any type of car, bus, or 3 wheel vehicle can carry some size of tipi poles.  I have seen them on the most expensive  BMW to the top of the line Mercedes and one Ferrari.  Then there was the "BUG" with 24 foot poles on top.  Wish I had a picture to put on this site.  Please send photos or email me pictures and you may find yourself on the net.